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COINPOL swimming pools, experience of a leader

COINPOL, S.A. (Industrial Constructions of Polyester, SA) with presence in Madrid since 1970 and registered office in Ctra. Villaviciosa-Pinto Km 16 -28 946 Fuenlabrada, has an experience of over 45 years in the manufacturing of more than 40,000 polyester reinforced pools.

Responsibility: our commitment

At COINPOL we have always been absolutely committed towards our customers. Thus, we carry out a rigorous monitoring of the manufacturing process of our pools, to deliver you a high quality product composed of polyester material reinforced with fiberglass. The reinforcements are made from the same material, in order to remove metal parts that could cause oxidation.

“Our absolute priority is the ultimate customer satisfaction. We offer a 10 year warranty”

Exhibitors at the International Pool Fair FIRA



  • International Master of Business 1992
  • Gold badge, international master of business year 1993
  • Cusp prestigious 1998

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